Our Characters

Click on each picture to learn more about each character and their respective book series.  Because our characters appear in multiple series, you will be directed to the primary series for each character. 

Shakes might be Grand Punwick’s most famous resident. A daring adventurer, Shakes has been an astronaut, a race car driver, an explorer, a doctor…and she’s just getting started! Shakes’ best friend and partner on her many adventures is Percie the Penguin.


Stanley, the Bear From AUNT

Stanley is a spy for the international spy agency AUNT, which is based in Grand Punwick.  Stanley’s memoirs feature past cases where he and his AUNT colleagues worked to keep the world safe from evil geniuses.  He gave up long ago reminding folks he’s not really a bear.


Spicey the MooseLamb

Spicey is a young Mooselamb, a rare critter indigenous to Grand Punwick known for their openness, tolerance, and love for all creatures.  Spicey in particular loves history and politics.


Sprinkles the MooseLamb

Sprinkles is Spicey’s cousin.  She was adopted at a young age by her two dads after they moved to Grand Punwick.  They named her Sprinkles for her bright rainbow-colored fur, and bright, colorful personality.


Percie the Penguin

Percie is Shakes’ best friend and an A.U.N.T. agent.  She is a constant companion on Shakes’ adventures.  Percie is an accomplished mechanic and investigator.  She is also quite sarcastic, but incredibly loyal.


Chrys the Flying Pig

Chrys is an orphan, and only recently moved to Grand Punwick.  Before befriending Shakes and Stanley, folks thought she was a myth, or a weather balloon.


The Mighty Hippofartamus

The Mighty Hippofartamus is Grand Punwick’s first, only, and official superhero!  Hippofartamus, whose real name is Patty Moss, has the abilities to produce – aromas – on command.  Hippofartamus is allied with one of Grand Punwick’s police chiefs, Chief Asquat.



A.U.N.T. is a global spy agency based in Grand Punwick, aligned with the International Union.  A.U.N.T. handles cases that regular law enforcement cannot handle.  Stanley is their lead investigator, along with his partner Marco.