Welcome to the NEW Deans Family Productions Web Site!

But, Guys…this isn’t “deansfamilyproductions.com!”

We know! It’s better! (Well…at least…we hope!)

Grand Punwick is the totally true made up place where Shakes, Stanley, Spicey, and all of our creations live. It’s a small country somewhere in the world, and it also happens to be th ehome base for the biggest sorta secret spy agency in the world, too.

“Grand Punwick” is a nod to one of Robert’s favorite authors, and as such is now the home for all things DFP.

With the new address comes a new site design, and shortly there will be new pages such as:

  • A new and improved HOOFEPEDIA, a Wiki-like source for all the stuff Robert puts in his books, including a bunch of his weird references.
  • A new and improved (and fully integrated) web store with payments secured by Paypal. Don’t have a Paypal account, no problem! Your credit card will be taken on the Paypal site backed by their secure encryption.
  • A new services page. Do you like our work, and want to know what services we offer to help you with your projects? Well, now you can find out on one easy page, and request a quote!

You can also sign up for our Facebook page, our Patreon, and our email newsletter all on one page through the new site!

It’s your one-stop-pun-shop!

So, visit the new grandpunwick.com, click around, and let us know what you think!