We Stand With You: A Statement From DFP

Recent months have been fraught with political, social, and economic upheaval.

Covid-19 continues to run its way through our land like it doesn’t even care enough to wave its hands in the air.

The murders of Breonna Taylor, George Floyd, and other Black Citizens resulted in protests which anarchists tried to turn violent.  While they may have succeeded briefly, the true peaceful protests continue – but the news coverage does not – proving the old adage “if it bleeds it leads” still exists.

Noted author J. K. Rowling continues to use her fame, platform, and place of influence as a successful author of young adult fiction to encourage transphobia, and, potentially, other forms of racism.

Businesses small and large continue to close at alarming rates – but we are only hearing of the larger companies filing for bankruptcy.  Neighborhoods are losing small family run businesses – some of whom have existed for generations – as they fade away unnoticed largely due to the virus and a political system designed to work from the top down.

I know everyone who reads my books, our email newsletters, or our company or personal social media messages expects us to provide a measure of escapism, especially to their children.

That is a job we are more than happy to do.

But so many of the children who read our books are the children of those being killed.

The children of those who are protesting.

The children of those who are flipping their business’ signs to closed for the last time.

The children of those who have lost family to a virus we still have months to face before a treatment or vaccine can help everyone.

There is a lot going on in the country right now.

And those children are paying attention, whether you realize it or not.  Children of color.  Children of poverty.

Children who are looking for guidance without knowing how to ask for it.

This is when we should step up and help our young children understand what is going on so they can take their fears and turn it into hope.

We at DFP – and let’s be honest, we all know it’s just me and my wife, and sometimes our Kidlet – we all share a belief that life is sacred.  But right now there is an imbalance in the narrative, and we feel it is a duty to say that while we wish we could say, without impunity, that all like do matter…

But they don’t.  Not in our system as it currently stands.

We believe that wearing masks is a small price to pay to literally make our entire country safer from Covid-19.

We believe that our economy can both reward innovation while aiding those in need.

We believe that corporations do not deserve bailouts, students do.

We believe that telling stories to encourage children to dream is wonderful, but telling a subset of those children they do not deserve to exist is not.

But most importantly, we still believe that Breonna Taylor deserves justice.

We believe that George Floyd was murdered.  Just as we have believed for years that Trayvon Martin and Tamir Rice and Emmett Till and thousands of other Black citizens were murdered simply for being Black.

Human Rights are not just for those who can afford them.

Black Lives Matter.

Trans Lives Matter.

We hope you agree, and we welcome any of you who stay with us going forward in our mission to make children’s lives better through stories of love, humor, and compassion.