By day, Patty Moss is an ordinary, average citizen of Grand Punwick. But, when evil stinks up the joint, she becomes...THE MIGHTY HIPPOFARTAMUS! A hero for all animals, Hippofartamus brings the sweet smell of justice down on all ne'er-do-smells! No criminal is safe when a cloud of gas rolls in and that powerful cry for justice is heard from above...HippooooBUTT! Hippofartamus is a comic book created by the Kidlet and Robert after, well, maybe you should ask them at a show sometime just how they created this "Air Freshener of Fairness."

The Rootin...TOOTIN' Beginning!

The fusty first appearance of The Mighty Hippofartamus introduced Patty, and her most maloderous arch-villains: Oderangutan, Elefunk, and the Pine Clone.  Sadly, this stinkin’ mini comic is long out of print.

The Latest Pungent Paperback

Patty Moss is back!  A giant Turtle is terrorizing Grand Punwick!  Can the Mighty Hippofartamus  stop the giant creature before it drops a big one?  Find out in Hippofartamus’ big Number Two!  (Bonus, includes the original mini-comic story!)


Free-to-download coloring and activity pages featuring everyone's favorite aromatic avenger!

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