You Probably Think This Post Is About You

COVID-19 hysteria still exists, and with the lockdowns rolling out slower than a Microsoft release, the American public have no real idea what’s going on.

Thanks to a lack of leadership and poor reporting from at least one major “news” organization, a large portion of the populace still believes the virus can be contracted from Chinese food and prevented by washing your hands with toilet paper.

However, Covid is not something to be dismissed as “not a big deal,” or horrifyingly, a “hoax.”

Numbers vary based on which demographics are included, but the elderly and certain risk factors mean that the risk group for contracting Covid and suffering serious complications are at least 30%.

Most of those are the elderly, who have not adapted to our wired/app/gig lifestyle where a few taps on an app brings you food, or prescriptions, or what have you.

The rest of the country just has to make one very simple decision.

Can you put aside your normal routine for a couple of weeks for the betterment of the rest of the country?

Because this social distancing mandate and rolling lockdown period closing schools and businesses is NOT to protect the 70 or 80 percent for whom all this is not a big deal.

It’s to protect those who will have a harder time protecting themselves.

Just look at what happened in Italy when they hesitated just for a few days, and their death tolls.

Stop going out if you don’t need to.

Follow the hygiene recommendations about washing hands, coughing, etc, from the CDC.

This will be a disruption to everyone, yes, and even a heavy disruption for some.  But isn’t this better than the alternatives to the community?

Treat all of this like a verse of “You’re So Vain,” and remember all of this is for the greater community…not just you.

(I sure hope so.  Everyone please stay safe and healthy out there!)


Parents! DFP has an offer to help distract your young ones – at least a little bit – HERE.