Blank Comic Cover Commission Special, AKA “Blank Covember!”


Order BEFORE December 10!  Simply email us using the button below, and do the following:

  • Select “Commission Inquiry” for the Subject.
  • List the book you want AND AN ALTERNATE (in case one of your first choices is not available).
  • Indicate if you want the book as FRONT ART or FRONT AND BACK ART.
  • I will reply as soon as possible with pricing and PayPal link.
  • Once you have paid for your cover(s), their availability will be removed from the site, and your cover(s) will be in the queue.
  • Once done, I will mail your cover(s) to you – remember pricing listed below INCLUDES postage!

Requests will be handled as first come, first served in all cases to allow for requests that are made overnight during “off work” hours where email replies cannot be made immediately.  (Translation: If I’m asleep, you can still email requests.)

Hello Everyone!

(I know – cheesy title, but, bear with me, I’m trying to distract myself from the obvious…)

I hope you were all able to have as safe and enjoyable Halloween as possible in the times in which we find ourselves.

You may have noticed that I did not take part in “Ink-tober” this year.  Well, this was for a variety of reasons, one of which was my health.  I spent almost all of October fighting an infection that left me pretty out of it.  The meds even aggravated my tendonitis, so drawing was a bit tough.

So, I’m doing something for November, instead.

Below are a handful of blank comic covers I have in stock.  I’m going to do just TEN commissions, and they are first come, first served.  Below the images of stock are a list of the issues and their prices.  Prices do include shipping.  When you order, make sure to let me know if you want to be surprised by your commission – if you do, I will not share any images on social media until after you receive your book.  Commissions are at your discretion, and do not have to be Shakes or Grand Punwick related, but I still retain the right to refuse certain subject matters.

All comics will be drawn in ink, and colored either in colored pencil or marker, depending on the cover surface.  Unless otherwise indicated, all books are $45 for front cover commissions only.  Add $25 for back cover commissions.  Postage is included in the pricing.



Click to embiggen

$45 BOOKS (Add $25 for back cover artwork)

  • All New Power Man Iron Fist (2011, Van Lente/Alves) #1
  • Batman The Advs Continue (2020, Burnett/Dini/Templeton) #1
  • Daredevil (2011, Waid/Martin) #1
  • Flash Gordon (2014, Parker/Shaner) #1
  • Mars Attacks Red Sonja (2020, Layman/Strukan) #1
  • Secret Avengers (2013, Spencer/Coker) #1
  • Shadow Year One (2013, Wagner/Torres) #5
  • Shazam (2018, Johns/Eaglesham) #1 (2 Copies Available)
  • Strange Adventures (2020, King/Gerads/Shaner) #1 – NOT AVAILABLE
  • Vampirella Red Sonja (2019, Bellaire/Moss) #1
  • X-Men (2013, Wood/Coipel) #1


  • Amazing Spider Man (2014, Slott/Ramos; 1st Silk) #1 – $60  ($80 for front & back artwork)
  • Detective Comics (2020, Various) #1027 – $50  ($75 for front & back artwork)
  • Rai (2014, Kindt/Crain) #1 – $25 ($50 for front & back artwork.) – NOT AVAILABLE
  • Secret Invasion (2008, Bendis/Yu) #1 – $50 ($75 for front & back artwork)

How To Order:

Use the Email Button below to contact me, and choose “product inquiry” as the subject.  In the body of the email, comment “CLAIM – “ with the title of the book(s) you want.  I will then reply with a note confirming if you got the book, your options (front, front and back artwork), and a Paypal link.*  If you want multiple books, or if you want to list a backup, just in case your first choice has been taken, use the following example:

  • CLAIM – book title
  • CLAIM – book title
  • BACKUP – book title

I will update the list nightly as necessary.

Good luck!

*Apologies for the screwy ordering format. The shop program was not allowing for variations easily, so I had to either nix options for front and back art, charge shipping, or force single-transactions per cover. If I can get this functionality to work quickly, I will change this setup.