The MooseLambs debuted first as a toy with Spicey the MooseLamb. Followed quickly by the book, "Spicey's Tale" which told the story of how MooseLambs came to be. Shortly after, her cousin's story was told in "Sundaes In the Park With Sprinkles." The MooseLambs are Grand Punwick's only wholly indigenous creatures, and do not live anywhere else. They are particularly fond of the ideas of love, kindness, and honesty. And ice cream.

The MooseLambs are featured in storybooks written by their creator, Elinda Deans, with illustrations by J. Robert Deans. Each book features the story of a different MooseLamb, and addresses such topics as blended families, mixed marriages, immigration, racism, sexism, gender equality, and sexual equality. These topics are shown as normal, thru characters to be loved and embraced, in hopes of reversing a societal stigma and fear that exists for some that unfortunately believes they are superior to others.


Written by Elinda and Sam Deans, Artwork by J Robert Deans

What happens when a happy child gets bullied? What about when a bully gets bullied?

Matcha the MooseLamb is walking in the park when she is knocked down by a mule who tells her to “go home.” It is only when she is comforted by another MooseLamb, Rosey, that she realizes that the mule meant ‘where her family originated,’ and not where Matcha lives. Matcha and Rosey become quick friends, having both been bullied by the mule. While walking, they see the mule being bullied himself. What should Matcha and Rosey do, if anything? Do bullies deserve to be bullied themselves?

Inspired by recent events, and guided by school counselors, teachers, and members of the Black and Asian communities, DFP’s MooseLambs present a very difficult yet very important topic for today’s society in such a way for young readers to more easily understand the ultimate messages of kindness, and an understanding that bullying and hatred have no place in society.

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Spicey's Tale

In “Spicey’s Tale” we meet Spicey and find out how her parents met, and what happens when a happy lamb and an unhappy moose meet.

Sundaes In the Park With Sprinkles

In “Sundaes In the Park With Sprinkles,” we meet Sprinkles’ parents as children, who meet over ice cream after playing in the park.

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