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What Is Grand Punwick?


The Duchy of Grand Punwick is the completely real made-up country where Shakes, Stanley, Spicey, Hippofartamus, and all of our other characters live!

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J. ROBERT (The “J” is silent) is a writer and artist from the south…but don’t hold that against him.  After a ten-year career as comic retailer, he created Shakes the Cow and Stanley, the Bear from AUNT.  He likes ramen and blue cheese, but thankfully not together.

ELINDA is the creator of Spicey the Moose Lamb, and is also the cramp-handed genius behind all of DFP’s crocheted plush toys.  She’s been crocheting longer than Robert’s been alive.  Seriously.  She hates blue cheese, but married Robert anyway.  (Image by Tara O’Connor.)

KIDLET (Sam) is currently navigating the trials and tribulations of middle school, while getting ready for the next adventure: sleeping through next Summer while having way too many ideas to work on at once.  She doesn’t mind blue cheese, or ranch, but her folks love her anyway.


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