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The Duchy of


The very real made-up home of Shakes the Cow, the Bear from AUNT, the MooseLambs, the Mighty Hippofartamus, and more!

(We're really DEANS FAMILY PRODUCTIONS, makers of Children's Books, Toys, Comics, and more - featuring our... "distinctive" brand of humor - for kids of all ages!)

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As DFP we offer a variety of creative and business services, including writing and editing, graphic design, and consulting. Click the button below to visit our business site and contact us about your business needs, small or large!
What's NEW in Grand Punwick?


Our 5th year exhibiting at BCC comes with TWO show exclusives! Get BCC Limited Editions of our newest books, BREWING TOLERANCE and HIPPOFARTAMUS 3 at THIS SHOW ONLY!  We will ONLY have 20 copies of each! These are signed & numbered editions and each comes with a special limited mini-print!


Come see us at Table K-13 in KIDS LOVE COMICS!

Barring unplanned Panel assignments, Robert will be at the table to sign yearbooks and draw small commissions one hour after the opening of each day through to the end of the show.  If you want a commission larger than 6×8, reach out ASAP!


Click on any picture to learn more about each character or their series!


J. ROBERT (The “J” is silent) is a writer and artist from the south…but don’t hold that against him.  After a ten-year career as comic retailer, he created Shakes the Cow and Stanley, the Bear from AUNT.  He likes ramen and blue cheese, but thankfully not together.

ELINDA is the creator of Spicey the Moose Lamb, and is also the cramp-handed genius behind all of DFP’s crocheted plush toys.  She’s been crocheting longer than Robert’s been alive.  Seriously.  She hates blue cheese, but married Robert anyway.  (Image by Tara O’Connor.)

KIDLET (Sam) is currently navigating the trials and tribulations of middle school, while getting ready for the next adventure: sleeping through next Summer while having way too many ideas to work on at once.  She doesn’t mind blue cheese, or ranch, but her folks love her anyway.

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